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Saturday, May 16, 2015 | 5:29 PM | 0 Element(s)

Hmmmm, this smile c: 
Actually, i am a very quiet ARMY hehe because i cant really communicate well and my english was sooooo broken hmmm. But now, i really have to talk abt this. Because it was V.
I've just know abt v because my friend told me. You know, hostel life keke hmm. And i'm very shocked and sad, whats wrong with ma bae ? Hmm. I've watched the video that people said he was rude or blablabla. To me, v was singing Loser since before they won. BEFORE THEY WON. All of us know that bts are fanboy of Bigbang and taehyung was just being happy and ALIEN u know haha. 

Hmm, i was so sad while looking at this 

I never saw taehyung being like this. He just being quiet and i really miss alien tae hmmm. This actually made me cry so hard. Taehyung didn't smile once. He looks like an empty shell. I'm really pissed right now. How dare you take away his happiness. Mybe we can hear taehyung's rap that day, but hmm. 
And i'm also a veryyyy biggg V.I.P. vip is one of my first fandom ever. I'm very happy that they finally comeback yayyyyy!!!! And also vip can really accept this, but another people uhhh
Whatever, I hope Taehyung can be a cool and handsome V on stage and weird, alien, funny, cute, beautiful, handsome Kim Taehyung again. Please smile x)
#taehyungyoureperfect #괜찮아뷔 #뷔파이팅 #웃어줘요뷔 #CheerUpTaehyung

And i know, taehyung can do that expressions more better and more ALIENESSES haha. Misyuuu <3
P/S : Sorry, but i think some knetz really have to be more matured. They are really rude to bts and army. I'm very sad hmm. Btw, i love Korea hehe
And p/s again : Aku speaking lulz HAHAHAHA



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